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It's a wonder no one has done this before. This green movement? When it's not about new tech, it's about going back to pre-consumer methods. So having a lovely granny present green ideas as just plain common sense is perfect!

Helloooooooooooooo Meme!

This looked interesting. Do with it what you will.

It's inevitable that as we read each other's journals we create mental pictures of each other. Post this on your own journal to find out who your friends see when they read about your life.

Two Rules:
1) It can be anyone in any medium. The person can be specific to a role or character or just the person.
2) Post a picture.


My sister knows I am a total bag hag, whereas she is a shoe whore. So she shouldn't be surprised at all when her valentine's day gift comes to her in the form of an Hermes bag.

Well, paper, but still, fun!

Make your own!

To be mailed tomorrow

President Obama,

I am writing this letter on the eve of your inauguration. I was not one of the crowd at Washington, nor did I gather at any local event. My fiance and I woke up in our little studio apartment and rushed out to meet my sister at our parents' home to see your speech on the television.

Your speech was inspiring and suited the problems you face as President, and I applaud you. If you even accomplish a small percentage of the goals set by yourself and the American people, I will consider you as a great president.

Thank you for including all faiths as well as non believers in your address. My fiance is an atheist, and I don't cling to any religion, and we felt a surge of pride in our country when you included all faiths. That was a graceful way to address the recent "us vs them" aspect of the religious right.

I hope for two things out of your presidency, sir. The first is Universal health care. That is the primary reason I voted for you. Our country's system is not doing a proper job as it is, and needs an overhaul. The second is a foothold out of the recession we are in now. It is my belief that green jobs and public works are the most sorely needed. I hesitate to say it, but higher taxes, especially on the top 10% of the country, will help to fund these projects. I don't expect these changes to be complete at the end of your turn at the reins, but I hope they will have begun by then.

In all, today I feel an overwhelming sense of hope. I don't expect anything, but I hope for everything.

Emily Shreve


So. The news on wedding front: Absolutely nothing.

David and I have decided to jaunt off to the courthouse in early October, probably on the ninth, and then celebrate the wedding with friends and family on the next day.

A few places that may host the festivities: The Triton Museum (if the planner chick ever gets her act together)

Agnews Historical Park (problem there is that we need to book it exactly 3 months in advance, and no sooner)

and I was just looking at the Santa Clara Depot. TRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINS. Would they be able to handle 60+ people? I do not know. But! Trains.

Also: these look like good favor things: Trees!

So, the dress has not yet arrived, and according to Etsy, has not yet been sent. She still has a couple of weeks on the grace period specified, so it's cool.

But geez! I believe, after planning this hoop-la, I shall be partied out for the next five bajillion years, for serious.

EDIT THE THIRD! Also, honeymoon. We are both seriously thinking Portland. They have both the world's smallest city park AND an independent bookstore the size of a city block (Yay Powell's)! I believe the words are "Win-Win".

OMG ANOTHER EDIT I SWEAR THE LAST The dress will be shipped at the end of the week! Huzzah!
thank you all for your cheer-up responses. I've found that the quickest cure for the blues is a fiance, a book, blankets right out of the dryer, and chai tea. Warm wishes from friends also do a great deal to help.


I'm going to drink my tea now.

Also, I think I'll start a full-on Etsy shop.
Friends, I'm depressed. I'm sick, not loving my job, worried about money, and not feeling creative in the least.

Please help me.

I am the best coworker ever

Why is that my title? Perhaps because of the

Cutest Baby Shower Present Ever!Collapse )

Also, I bought the dress. You all are enablers. Thank you!


I am honestly kind of a lot in love with this dress here.

Chameleon Wedding Gown by Isadora Clothing

Do I dare? It cuts wedding dress costs by like, at least $200 if it works out...

Olbermann on Gay Marriage

I usually don't like Keith Olbermann. He's abrasive and gives liberals a bad name. But he's incredibly sensitive here, and near tears, all over Prop 8.


I suppose you want to know about me? Tough. I'm an inscrutable enigma, etc etc.


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