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14 September 1985
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Okay. New bio. I'm a girl. I'm over 18. I've got brown eyes and I tan easier than I get sunburns. I have brown hair that changes along the color spectrum from blond to red. My family consists of myself, my brother (younger by 2 1/2 years), my sister (younger by 5 years), and my mom and dad. I have a fiance, whom I love madly. I can't ride a bike, but I can sure as hell rollerblade. I'm awesome like that. I like Disney. Well, to be honest, I pretty much like animation indiscriminately.

I love to ramble, but I don't ever edit anything. I also end sentences abruptly, like when I

So that's my biography. And now, to see if anyone actually read this, I'll request that you send me an e-mail with the heading "Fish". Yes. or, "I read your bio--Fish". Because fish are cool.

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