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There are a few conventions of note in the crafty world. Stitches WEST is one of them. It's for knitters. And my mother is not really one of the folks that would call herself a Knitter, even though she produced my sister and myself, who are both Knitters and Nerds. So a knitting convention (land-o-nerds) is a bit beyond her.

Regardless, I wanted to go, I wanted someone who would be both an enabler as well as someone to say "do you really need that?" and weirdwings was at Wondercon. So. Mom. Here's a quick rundown, as told via Gmail to flybystardancer.

3:55 PM Krysta: YOU ARE ONLINE!
just went to stitches with mom
How was it?
me: she was hilarious
3:56 PM "So, what am I going to expect?"

Krysta: lol
me: "That car's license plate is LISAKNT, I wonder what that means..."
3:57 PM Krysta: lol!
me: And so she bought herself a pattern with a pretty knit/purl chevron accent, and then went hunting for enough yarn to make it.
Finally, she fell in love with some alpaca.
3:58 PM Krysta: Ooo, I like alpaca...
me: And I mean, she was touching and weighing and making me be the human calculator, and then I said, "put it next to your neck, make sure it's not too itchy."
And the second it touched her neck, she was like, "MINE OM NOM NOM"
3:59 PM Krysta: LOL!!
me: It was beautiful
4:00 PM I also got yarn, a nostepinne (it's a recycled bobbin from an old textiles factory) and a KNITTING COMIC BOOK SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR OMGOMG OMG
Krysta: Next year I'll be able to go too!
me: WHEE
Krysta: Ooo!!!!
me: I believe I done good.
Krysta: Yep!

Oh, and I did get stuff for myself too. I swear. Here... PICTURES!

Yarn #1 is from Cherry Tree Hill, and it was apparently all "Mill End/End Lot", so I got it for hella cheap.

Yarn #2 is from Sweet Grass Wool and it's got little flecks of straw in it that I just love. Those two yarns together will make a sweet cardigan.

I wound them on this. I used it like a nostepinde, but it's actually a recycled bobbin from an old textiles factory. The guy was just selling it for $2, and that was totally worth the price with the story that he told me about the bobbins and how they used to be handwound. Besides, I was in the market for a nostepinde anyways.

And in my opinion, it is not a true convention until someone is sitting around signing comic books. So of course, I now own a copy of Handknit Heroes #1. The art is kinda wonky, and it's obvious that the writer is new to this whole comic writing thing, but, heh, it's kinda awesome in and of itself. I got a comic at the KNITTING CONVENTION.

Also, yes. All these pictures are taken with a cell phone. I swear everything is 500% more pretty in real life.

In all, fun times. Also, I think I may have pushed my mom into being a Capital-K Knitter.


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Mar. 2nd, 2009 03:39 am (UTC)
Oh, that's so awesome that you took a picture of the comic with your cell phone! I remember signing your copy, too (who could forget someone who spells her name in the traditional way?!?)

Seriously, I had so much fun at my very first Stitches. Thanks so much for coming by the booth and buying a comic. I'm so glad to have met you!
Mar. 2nd, 2009 07:47 am (UTC)
Hee! You found me! (I honestly have no idea how) Thank you for signing the comic, I can't wait to read comics with my sister when I see her soon. She went to Wondercon this weekend.
Mar. 2nd, 2009 03:45 pm (UTC)
Ah, well, if you don't set your LiveJournal to private/protected, and/or turn on the "block spiders" option, then Google picks up your posts and turns them into search results. I have daily ego-searches from Google delivered to my inbox for keyword like "Handknit Heroes" so I can find them and post them to the announcements blog in the shout-out roundup.

But also, I've been on LiveJournal since 2002. Eventually, someone might have found your post and let me know. Dang gossips! :)
Mar. 2nd, 2009 04:09 pm (UTC)
No need to worry, I kind of really like being found out.

Oddly enough, if I think back, I believe I started on LJ in 2002 as well. Hope you don't mind, but I've friended you.
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