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So David felt the need to show me The Church of Google. Because, you know, he's atheist. And this makes more sense than Christianity. Google does exist, after all. It does answer questions. And it um... has archives, hence: afterlife?

This led to us looking for the observed holidays. There is but one. Google Appreciation Day. ON MY BIRTHDAY. PROOF! There is but one thing to do on that day. Google search "Happy Birthday Emily" en masse. Be awesome. I will remind everyone of it closer to my birthday. Also, someone take a screenshot or something.

If I don't remind you of your mission, that means that I forgot.

Such an event, is totally unexcusable. Unless, of course, it's me. YOU, HOWEVER, CANNOT FORGET.

Apr. 25th, 2009

For all that Dollhouse has its flaws, it still manages to make me feel all teary at the end.

Also, Topher's "best friend" he gets on his birthday? Pretty much is Kathy. Yup.

STEALTH EDIT: 'Golden Girls' star Bea Arthur dies at 86. It's weird. She was awesome. Not in the "I wish she was my grandma" way like Betty White, but in the "Dude, she could beat anyone up" way.

I think I'm going to go find the Star Wars Holiday Special once and for all, just to see her part. Is that weird? Yeah? Huh.


WE'VE ELOPED! I'm just so excited!

I promise, I'll have more information later!
At this very moment, David is talking to his cousin and picking at my socks with his toes. ONE OF THEM IS ALREADY OFF. The things I go through. OH, AND HE'S STANDING. HIS IDEA OF A challenge.
Okay, so I'm watching Buffy on Hulu.com, because they have seasons 1-3 up and although my sister has a beautiful dvd set she also has a very selfish side when it comes to Buffy.

Um. I believe I might just ship Giles/Buffy? I think that's wrong, especially since Buffy is all of 16? But... I ship it. I squee.

I want them to lean just that little bit closer. I'm sick in the head.
Gah It's five in the morning, my throat is sore, everytime i check my temp it's 100% fahrenheit and my David isn't home so I'm sleeping crappily.

Oh yeah, and everytime I stand up for any duration, I start to get woozy. yay sick
There are a few conventions of note in the crafty world. Stitches WEST is one of them. It's for knitters. And my mother is not really one of the folks that would call herself a Knitter, even though she produced my sister and myself, who are both Knitters and Nerds. So a knitting convention (land-o-nerds) is a bit beyond her.

Regardless, I wanted to go, I wanted someone who would be both an enabler as well as someone to say "do you really need that?" and weirdwings was at Wondercon. So. Mom. Here's a quick rundown, as told via Gmail to flybystardancer.

I really use too much capslock, but it makes up for the fact that I really don't capitalize anything else.Collapse )

Oh, and I did get stuff for myself too. I swear. Here... PICTURES!

Protecting your friends-list from a deluge of awesome.Collapse )

In all, fun times. Also, I think I may have pushed my mom into being a Capital-K Knitter.
So, okay. I was totally going to make traditional bread. The kind that it takes a whole day to make. And it was going to be awesome. I heated up water, dissolved honey in it, and waited what I thought was a wholly appropriate amount of time, and then sprinkled in the yeast and waited for it to do its "Nom nom". No dice. It was all: "AUGH TOO HOT WE DIE NOW." (yes, yeast talks. you're just jealous.)

So then I go out to purchase a thermometer, get some quarters for laundry, and try again. And the yeast was all "OM NOM NOM this is yummy hunny!" and so I poured in the flour and salt and oil things and they were like, "Hmm... nice try, but that is way too much water and you really should have assessed your flour situation beforehand, because now you're out. Three cups does not a loaf make."

So I was like, "FAUFDOSLKGHLADSFJ." And tossed the mo-fo out, went to purchase a five-pound bag of flour and came back home. My arm was pretty beefy by the end of the walk, by the way.

So I sit down and look at this pretty cinnamon-y coffeecake recipe that looks a lot like the sort that David and I devour whenever we go to Hobee's. And I have everything!


So forget that. It would have been magic. But no. It is not to be. Weep for me. Instead, I am rocking the peanut butter bread, as I know it to be tasty and simple. Especially since it is just like, "Jam me up! I can be a full meal!"

(yes, all food talks to me. yes, i am awesome and would make a very interesting food show host.)

STEALTH EDIT So the bread carbonized a bit too much, but it's still totally edible, and I have taught myself that the reason I hate most oatmeal cookies is because they have those icky raisins in them instead of chocolate chips, which clearly work so much better.
Oh, hey, world. Want to keep up on the fact that I'm changing my last name in October? Go ahead and hang out at http://emanddavewedding.blogspot.com hoyeah.

I'm basically using that as my primary wedding blog thing, so that folks have a go-to spot. You know, I'll be putting the website in the invitations and everything, and then listing there where we're registered, what hotels are good in the area, etc. So, boring. But if it floats your boat: http://emanddavewedding.blogspot.com mmmmmmkay?


I suppose you want to know about me? Tough. I'm an inscrutable enigma, etc etc.


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